Honestly, at twenty-five years old I never expected my life to be what it is. I have always been the independent, free-spirited, feminist type of girl. However, after meeting the man whom I now so gratefully get to call my husband and the father to our daughter, I am never more happy to say that this path {wife and mother} is what I had been longing for all along.

My husband and I have a very spontaneous and romantic love story beginning by meeting each other while both living in Brazil. After only three months of beautiful courting we were engaged and moving back to the U.S. We decided to wait on our marriage and truly learn and grow together as couple. It took us two years. We knew all along it was meant to be. We went back and forth about having children. I have always had a fear about raising children in this day and age with having seen so much negligence, selfishness, sadness and self-sabotage throughout people within my own childhood. Because of this I have always been scared of what my child’s outcome would be after raising them in this society. My husband being from Europe however, comes from a completely different world. After seeing such a different view and outlook from his side on family life, education, and love, I grew more and more confident knowing I would be bringing children into this world with a man who knew this.

Almost a year into our marriage we tried for our first baby and within three months we found out the incredible news that I was pregnant. That feeling of finding out brought pure joy to both my husband and I, as we had done so much discussing about our future and our decision to raise children together. Being pregnant of course had its ups and its downs but personally it was truly an extraordinary experience. Just knowing pure, innocent life was somehow manifesting within me brought on a whole other spiritual connection to being human.

It was a Friday night with a forecast of a full moon, lunar eclipse and comet. All three of these universal occurrences pulled my body into an 18-hour labor of which 8-hours I endured on my own. On February 11, 2017 I got to I experienced the beauty of childbirth. Truly there is nothing more magical. I wish I could bottle up the supernatural experience. Having a medicated, hospital birth was not one I thought of in my dreams of delivery. Yet, my experience ended up being one that I will think of positively, with the remembrance of kind hospital staff, quite connection and the stress-free arrival of Soleil Lorraine. Our lives were forever changed.

Motherhood has been otherworldly, exhausting and truthfully harder than I imagined. There are many highs and there are many lows. I continually remind myself, “they grow up in a blink of an eye, relish in these moments”. Which seems to be the universal thought those around me have wanted to share about parenthood. I’ve watched my body and my mind transform to fit and mold to the existence of this new soul that we’ve created. When I think deeply upon our new life together as a conscious, loving family of three, the thought it always brings me back to is undeniable gratitude. Moments with our daughter are nothing but pure magic and truly all us mothers are so very very blessed.


Hi! My name is Brittney Hellaina Esteves. I am twenty-five years old and currently living in Ladera Ranch, California but dream of one day living on a ranch with sprawling meadows where our children can run free. I happen to be a creative type and am consistently looking for ways to fulfill my artistic nature. I practice a simple, slow, sustainable lifestyle with my loving husband and our daughter Soleil Lorraine. I am a woman, wife and mother, honored everyday to be so. Follow Brittney on Instagram.