I always admire those people that seem to know what they want to pursue in life, their purpose, if you will, before high school. For example, my 5 year old tells me she is going to be a horse doctor, not a princess, or a teacher or even a fire fighter. She seems to have narrowed in on an idea that would never have occurred to me. The irony is I have an uncle that apparently was disappointed that I did not become a big animal vet. I found this out well into adulthood and I thought, well! If he’d made that suggestion to me I might have taken to the idea. Haha! We shall see if my daughter ultimately becomes a vet.

I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. While I excelled in school and had fleeting thoughts of this and that; I never found my passion to pursue and turn into my ‘dream’ job.  I didn’t even have a burning desire to become a parent. Don’t miss understand, I love being a mother and the little people that inhabit my home and consume my heart, but I know some women yearn to be a mother. Motherhood completes them in some intangible way that is heartwarming and beautiful and something I admire in a similar way to those purpose driven people.

I fell into a 20 odd year career that I continued to plod along, reaching career goals; or what was considered a level of achievement and find myself no more fulfilled or passionate about the career than my first blush. I have dabbled in one thing after another on a rather broad spectrum looking for my special ‘je nais se quoi’. I took a sommelier course, bring on the wine! I tried metal smithing jewelry, which I enjoyed and wouldn’t mind having as a hobby. I scoured LinkedIn looking for that perfect job that was going to complete this missing element. I became a wife and a mother over the course of time and even tried a mommy-blog. I do love writing, but it wasn’t quite the right niche for me.  I had a friend introduce me to essential oils and I became engrossed in the science, history and uses for essential oils. I love helping people incorporate them into their lives, but I wasn’t keen on the sell seLL SELL aspect that seems to come with these oil companies.

I was also introduced to a women’s clothing company and I started representing that company, something I find myself enjoying quite a bit. What I recognized I enjoy the most is the connection with women and helping them feel good about themselves. Having my own body issues post pregnancy I can really understand the difference of putting something on that makes you light up on the inside. And let’s face it, I’m pretty delighted to have a designer collection show up on my doorstep twice a year and fortunate enough that I fit into most of the sample sizes.

It was through the combined experiences of the oil company and the clothing company that I found my future, my passion, and something that doesn’t feel like a job, it feels liberating and exciting and what I’ve been circling for years without realizing it. I began taking classes regarding nutrition and well-being, not a nutritionist or a dietician, but as a Health Coach. The difference being, the role is supportive and is focused on personal goals and bio-individuality versus giving someone a dietary plan. It’s about all the things in our lives that feed us, not just food, but relationships, careers, exercise and spirituality. I also began taking a course on Applied Functional Medicine, because I want to help resolve the source of problems and look at the whole of a person, not bits and nuggets.

My takeaway to you is, never give-up exploring and seeking what fulfills you because it changes over time and maybe you won’t discover what you are looking for until all the elements line up and you surrender to the flow of where life is trying to send you.


Kristina Cole lives in the Sacramento, CA area with her husband and 2 children. She is an Integrative Holistic Health Coach with training in Functional Medicine helping busy moms incorporate a healthy lifestyle, build positive eating habits for their families and solve issues with gut and hormone imbalances. You can learn more about her on her website