Back in November we became a family of four and what a transition it has been! Our babies are two years apart almost to the exact date. They had the same due date actually and nope, it wasn’t planned that way. Becoming a Mom has been the most rewarding and challenging experience of my life. Becoming a Mom of two has taken things to a whole new level! We had so many questions and anxieties about adding another little one to our tribe. Here are a few things that we’ve learned so far:

One: You will absolutely have enough love to go around! When my husband and I first talked about getting pregnant again and trying for a second baby we had a LOT of mixed emotions. We knew we wanted Sydney to have a sibling and hoped for them to be relatively close together in age but we were concerned about sharing the love. Sydney was the center of our world and we worried a lot about how she would adjust to another little one getting all the attention. When Brayden was born, Sydney was over the moon! We had somehow focused so much on our relationship with her and how much love we show her that we hadn’t even really thought about the relationship that she would develop with her brother, and the love that they would share. It seems so silly now looking back. She’s certainly had her moments of jealousy and there are always days that I feel torn up about giving one more attention than the other. But there is no shortage of love in our home even on the hardest of days!

Two: Say goodbye to shopping with children in tow. Oh how I miss those leisurely Target runs with only one little human to account for. But seriously, though. As a mother of one I felt like I pretty much had it all together. For the most part, if I needed to, I could run all my errands with my daughter. It may not have always been the most fun experience but it was certainly doable! I’d grab a coffee and put Sydney in the shopping cart with a banana or some animal crackers and she’d be happy as a clam as I strolled the aisles. If she acted up or wasn’t feeling it, she had my full attention and I could easily tend to the situation and generally distract her in order to finish up. As a mother of two I am a complete and total disaster in public. I’ve crashed a shopping cart or stroller into more people or objects than I care to admit simply because I was distracted. With two children I have to reaaalllly want or need to shop. Simply getting two kids in and out of the car feels like running a marathon. Let’s just say drive- thrus are my new best friend and online shopping is where it’s at these days. Moms of three or more, I’m sending you a virtual high five.

Three: The bond and love that your children have together will make your mama heart explode. I know, this probably doesn’t need to be said but I can’t not talk about it. As I mentioned earlier, before we had Brayden a lot of our thoughts and questions were centered around Sydney as an only child. Somehow I hadn’t put that much thought beyond their initial introduction and how she would take it when he first came home. Truth be told I wasn’t expecting a bond to form so quickly between the two of them! I also thought Sydney would be a lot less interested in a baby since they don’t do much at first. But from the moment she first met him in the hospital, she was just as hooked as we were. I’ll never forget her looking at him for the first time. She proclaimed “Oooohhhhhhh his toes are SO wittle.” and she proceeded to inspect every inch of him. We pretty much had to pry her off. Try explaining to a two year old that there is such a thing as too many kisses, haha.

I think my favorite part of mothering two children so far has been watching their love grow. It sounds silly since Brayden is still so young but he smiles the biggest smiles for his sister and as soon as he hears her voice he perks up. I was having a particularly hard day recently and had been running around all morning with the two of them. I had placed Brayden in his car seat inside the house while I grabbed Sydney and then unloaded the car. He is not a big fan of the car seat at the moment and after a morning of being carted to and from he was over it. He was screaming when I went out to grab the last bags and when I came back in just moments later he was silent. I panicked and ran over and there was Sydney rocking his car seat and singing to him. She was patting his head gently and saying “It’s okay little bud”. I stopped and watched the two of them and I just melted. My bad day was immediately turned around — I went from such a low point to such a high point in an instant. There have been so many moments like this and however little or big they are, I’ll cherish them forever.

Motherhood is truly amazing. Every day brings new experiences — challenges and little victories, tears and heart-bursting moments. I’m constantly learning, coping, laughing and, of course, always doing laundry. It helps to know that when I’m deep in laundry and diapers, there’s another mama out there doing exactly the same. One of my favorite parts of motherhood has been connecting with this community of mothers and knowing that I’m not in this alone. Thanks for letting me share a little piece of my story.


Rachael is the writer at Life Just Ordinary and the co-owner of Two If By Sea. She lives in Massachusetts by the ocean with her husband and two children Sydney, (2) and Brayden, (4 months).