Bush-walking is Australian for hiking in the woods. I was never much of a bush-walker in Australia until my friend Sam got me into it in the summer of 2006. Sam is a bush-walking kind of girl. She’s also a baby-wearing kind of girl. I’ve been living as an ex-pat in the USA for nearly a decade but I know that if we lived in the same place, Sam and I would be wearing our babies and bush-walking together, every weekend.

Lately Robbie and I have been taking the boys on walks at a reservation near our house. We always see something new. We saw a box turtle a few weeks ago and last weekend we saw a snake. Finn always does a little break-dancing on the “round rock” and we all feel tired and renewed by the time we’re piling back into the car to go home.

There’s no way I can hold Jules or push a stroller and keep up with Finn and Bennett when we are out and about, so I’ve been wearing him in my Solly baby wrap. The Solly wrap is light enough to throw in the diaper bag so it’s always handy.

But for me, baby-wearing is about so much more than simple convenience. We both feel safe and secure when he’s this close to me. It doesn’t take him long to fall asleep when he’s in the wrap, but in the moments before sleep, when he’s looking around and discovering new things, I feel completely connected to him. Like we’re exploring together.

He’s out of his “fourth trimester” now and he’s 17 pounds, which is pretty heavy for a four month old. But I’m going to wear him for as long as I can.

This one is the striped Solly wrap, one of their best known styles.

The lads.

My best Aussie bush-walking outfit.

Lake, meet rocks.

Finn kisses are pretty special.

Break-dancing session on the “round rock”.

Snake! Good thing we’re bush-walking in Massachusetts and not outback Australia.

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  1. Sam August 28, 2016 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Oh. Just oh. I miss you and us so much xx

    • Helen January 15, 2018 at 12:22 pm - Reply

      Every day sweet friend. XO

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