We had a camping themed party for Finn’s fifth birthday this week. It’s winter in New England, so we thought it would be fun to bring the great outdoors, indoors.

We started with the Modern Camp theme from Harlow & Grey and expanded from there.

camping themed party


The Modern Camp party kit comes with garlands, cups, plates, napkins and a table cover. You can buy add-ons like photo booth props, balloons, cake toppers, treat bags and straws.

We used these cute birch tree straws by Kikkerland.

I added Schleich figurines, pine cones and acorns to the table for a forestiché feel (my word). I also bought a cheap hurricane lantern and some wood rounds to use as little stands.

I had some old wooden boxes and cake stands lying around so I used those for the cupcakes and other displays. You can get similar boxes here.

If you want your camping themed party out to look really authentic, WildSparks Etsy store sell ridiculously adorable felt campfires.

camping themed party
camping themed party
camping themed party
camping themed party


Every little camper loves s’mores. We had a s’mores making station but didn’t get time to use it so we sent everyone home with a kit to do their own at home.

There are many ways to make an indoor s’more:

• toast them on an indoor s’mores maker;

• dip the marshmallow in a chocolate fondue;

microwave them;

• put a big batch on a tray under the grill for half a minute.

camping themed party
camping themed party


Partying takes energy. Every camping themed party needs a DIY trail mix bar. The kids had so much fun making up their own little bags with pretzels, dried fruit, nuts and seeds and candy.

Some trail mix ideas:

• nuts, nut clusters (check guest allergies)

• yogurt covered raisins

• dried banana chips

• caramel corn

• mini pretzels

• sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds

• dried apricots, mango, coconut, pineapple, apple, pear etc

• M&Ms

camping themed party
camping themed party



Robbie thought a scavenger hunt would be perfect for a camping themed party. We put clues around the house and made the scavenger hunt the first game of the day. One of the kids was a little older so she read the clues and the younger kids ran around looking for the next envelope. The hunt ended in a tent fort that Robbie constructed in the three seasons room.

I found a bunch of good resources for writing scavenger hunt clues online. I printed each clue and folded it inside a piece of black construction paper then hot glued a piece of scrap felt left over from the crowns onto each one as a seal.


camping themed party
camping themed party


Camp is not camp with out crafts. Our camp crafts table had papier-mâché boxes and paints and beads for jewelry making.

You know I love making felt panel crowns. They are so easy and I love how they turn out.

I made one for Finn and one for Bennett in the teal, black and white of the camper theme and set up all the other colored felt for kids to make their own at the camp crafts table.


• velvet ribbon (or other thick ribbon) for the base;

• felt pieces;

• embellishments;

• a hot glue gun

camping themed party
camping themed party
camping themed party
camping themed party


Measure the ribbon on the child’s head before cutting. Leave a couple of inches extra to fold over for a neat finish.

Each child makes their crown on a tray so that you can pick up the whole design and take it away to do the hot gluing.

Get kids to line up their pieces of felt along the ribbon’s smooth side (so the velvet ends up on the inside of the crown). Have them choose an embellishment for each felt panel.

Pick up the entire tray when they are done and glue their crown. You can make them with craft glue but if you have a glue gun the crowns are dry in a minute and the kids can wear them straight away.

camping themed party
camping themed party


Each little camper took home a cute little canvas treat bag with the Pretty Social little camper tent print on it.

Each favor bag included all the camping essentials:

• a flashlight;

• a compass;

• a gorgeous little branch and twig pencil;

• and (of course) candy.

camping themed party

* This post was sponsored by Pretty Social.

Camping Themed Party for Toddlers