I’ve been working on updating our entryway with a freshly painted farmer’s porch door and a custom DIY shoe rack. This post shows you how I made the shoe rack. If you have a screwdriver and you’re not afraid to use it, you can make this shoe rack.

For the post on our new entryway, read my post here.

I searched for months for something compact that would keep our coats and shoes tidy in the small entryway off our farmer’s porch. I looked at hall trees and coat racks and hat stands but everything was made for slightly larger spaces so I decided to make something myself. These custom shelves are perfect for the boys’ shoes and I just added self screwing hooks to the wall for coats.

DIY shoe rack

To make the shelves, I used two 4′ pieces of timber and had Robbie cut them to 3′. One was 5.5″ wide and the other was 7″ wide. The narrower piece became the top shelf.

I sanded the edges and corners of the shelves before priming and painting them. I used Sherwin Williams Exterior Latex Wood Primer before painting with two coats of Iron Ore, to match the door.

DIY shoe rack
diy shoe rack

I also bought three wooden shelf brackets for each shelf, small ones for the top shelf and larger ones for the bottom shelf. I got mine from Lowes but there are lots of options that come in different sizes on Amazon too. Examples are here, here and here.

I painted the brackets separately from the shelves.

diy shoe rack

After painting the shelves and wooden shelf brackets, I lined up the bottom shelf brackets perfectly and screwed them into the wall. I then used an apoxy glue along the top of each bracket and gently laid the wider shelf in place. I waited for the glue to set and repeated the process with the top shelf.

And viola! Our DIY shoe rack! For more on our entryway update, see the original post here.

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  1. breanna May 20, 2018 at 12:20 pm - Reply

    Love how simple, yet effective this is. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Amanda July 5, 2017 at 12:27 pm - Reply

    You are so handy. I will give these instructions to my husband. The black against the white wall looks stunning. It’s modern without being overpowering because it’s just little bits. I love it.

    • Helen July 6, 2017 at 9:23 am - Reply

      Thanks Amanda! 🙂

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