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Follain June Campaign

Since the sun came to New England, people have been out and about in droves. Summer is the time when everyone around here crams all of their events into a three month window. I love the energy in Boston at this time of year.

Being a part of it takes energy though, and energy is in short supply. Pool parties, BBQs, weddings, weekends away take a lot more effort when you have three boys under 6.

We leave tomorrow for a long weekend at Lake Webster and I’d like to look less tired than I feel. I’ve been using three products that are working for me in a big way to that end.

Follain June Campaign

I’ve been using a face oil for a few months now and I love using an oil instead of a cream after my shower. I think I found my Forever Oil.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum was called “The Face Oil To End All Face Oils” by Into The Gloss.

The serum costs $185… But stay with me.

April Gargiulo, owner of Vintner’s Daughter was concerned by the high levels of ineffective, toxic fillers she found in the skin care products she was using. She applied her wine-making experience to create Vintners Daughter using the finest active botanicals in the world. The active botanical serum is the only product that Vintner’s Daughter makes. Everything is invested into this one product.

I started using it every night and (although it feels and smells like heaven), I wasn’t sure what it was doing beyond making my skin softer. A few weeks later and my skin is brighter and my pores (a problem for me) are definitely, positively smaller. The pore thing alone is life changing for me. I guard this oil from my kids like my life depends on it. It’s top shelf, figuratively and literally. Remember the youth potion in Death Becomes Her? It’s a bit like that.

Follain June Campaign

Apart from Vintner’s Daughter, I’ve been prepping my skin in other ways for summer.  I’m really excited about a face mask. No, really.

The Korean style sheet mask always reminded me a little bit too much of Silence of the Lambs but after using Orgaid’s organic Vitamin C mask before a friend’s wedding earlier this month I might be a convert. I posted a photo of me wearing the mask on Instagram, complete with circles under my eyes (proof that I really am very tired).

And in case you were wondering, a face mask will not get rid of dark circles under your eyes. For that, you need make up. I’m using Gressa Corrective Serum Foundation. And I have been applying a little RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer to my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and along the inner corners of my eye for that dewy look. It illuminates without that artificial shimmery, glitter look.