This adorable growth chart ruler is from Little Acorns on Etsy. It’s a little tradition we’re starting.

Growth Chart Ruler

There was a door jam at Robbie’s grandma’s house on Cape Cod that had pen marks all the way up it, showing how tall her grand kids were at different ages. She’d kept that part of the door frame unpainted over the years to preserve a little bit of family history.

When we lived in that house on the Cape in 2013, Finn would play in the room with the door jam. He would stand against it and compare his height to Robbie’s siblings in the 80s. I imagined Robbie as a freckle-faced six year old, front teeth missing, standing as tall as he could against the door jam while his grandmother held his red hair down to draw a line above his head.

Robbie’s Grandma had the best traditions. We started our own Christmas Tree tradition after I saw how beautifully it was done at her place. The problem is, we can’t take our trees with us when we move somewhere new. And the problem with marking a wall or door jam with the kids’ heights is that when we move, we can’t take the door jam with us either.

That’s why I love this growth chart ruler. For less that $20 I started a new family tradition that we can take with us wherever we move. I picked up a plank of wood from Lowes and applied the decal myself. It was insanely easy and came out like this! You can customize your growth chart ruler with family name decals or state decals, and you can also get height marker arrow decals.

Ro from Little Acorns is offering Les Petits Gazette readers a 20% discount (which is craaaazy because the decals are already really cheap). Just use the code GROW20 at checkout.

Growth Chart Ruler