IKEA BESTA BURS Desk in high gloss white

Project New House is in full swing. Speaking from experience, this nesting bug will last about another two to three weeks. After the buzz wears off, the house will stay looking pretty much the same from that day until we move again.  I’m pretty sure most of my family will be thrilled when I actually complete a room. Just one room finished would give me such a sense of accomplishment.  Instead I’ve managed to half finish almost every room in the house, leaving a trail of painters tape, half empty coffee cups, picture hooks and mystery dust in my wake.

It’s made especially hard for Rob, who was excited to buy this house because of it’s move-in readiness. Of course, what is move-in ready to Robbie is a good starting point to me. But I’m happy to say that most of the dirty work is done. Now it’s onto the fun stuff. Decorating.

Decorating for me is a constant battle between the part of me that wants to find a cheap and trendy furniture and the part of me that knows (KNOWS!!!!) that quality key pieces will end up looking better and lasting longer. I’ve bought mostly good quality furniture and decor for our new house, most of it being delivered in a little under two months. Which is annoying when you just want to be moved in and enjoy the summer. But for things like shelves inside the pantry and kids room bookshelves I decided to go cheap and replace them when they wear out. For cheap stuff I always end up at IKEA. And because I always end up at IKEA, I always end up really disappointed.

After a trip to IKEA, I seriously hate the place with every fiber in my being. Or perhaps just the fibers of my being that are not stupidly trying to save a buck because I’m under the delusion that you can get something worth anything for next to nothing. And every time I manage to escape that place and get my cheaply made piece of junk home and spend hours trying to assemble it, it falls apart in three months anyway. And I’ll say, “what did I expect?” but then, sure enough the next year I’ll find myself in that barnyard of Swedish design torturing myself in an effort to get a bargain and struggling to finally make it through to that gleaming light at the end of the tunnel that is the IKEA ‘Marketplace’, a journey that takes most of my morning because really, despite what the signs say, there are no short cuts here. IKEA has taken the old ‘milk at the back of the store’ marketing technique to a whole new level by trapping you, with your screaming toddler, in a labyrinth of one way turns and endless paths paved with synthetic sheepskin rugs.

Last week I made my annual pilgrimage to IKEA with mum and Finn to buy book shelves. Everyone on earth – parent or not – knows that you don’t take a toddler to IKEA. But I did it and I’m happy to report that Finn was an angel.

I also bought Molger shelving units for inside the pantry and I ended up buying the BESTÅ BURS Desk in high gloss white for our bedroom. It is our temporary work-space while the office waits for furniture and to be painted. It looks great. Now. I expect the drawers to last a season or two. Luckily they can be taken off completely so the desk can be repurposed as a work bench. The glass looks beautiful so there’s that.

The problem with IKEA is that it’s addictive. Like so many massive, mass production chains, their products are rubbish but their marketing is genius. The allure of the quick, cheap fix is strong. But at the end of the day, you will spend more on IKEA furniture that will end up as landfill in a year, than you will on good quality furniture that lasts. Because, seriously – how many packets of cheap but semi good quality napkins can you buy to make up for everything that sucks about IKEA?

So here’s my new IKEA BESTÅ BURS desk. I hate myself.
Desk: BESTÅ BURS Desk (in high gloss white) Chair: Euro Style Sunny Office Chair






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  1. Diana June 22, 2015 at 7:24 pm - Reply

    Ha, great post. I know, ikeas addicting. I’m constantly buying their stuff just to redo it to look more expensive and less plain.

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