This post is sponsored by Livettes Kids, makers of beautiful quality removable wallpapers.

UPDATE: For directions on how to make the book bin, see my DIY BOOK BIN post!

Will Pinterest boards ever get sick of children’s bookshelves? I sure hope not. I’d happily build an entire library filled with books for the boys. In the meantime, we have bookshelves, two book towers, and our newest addition… an adorable book bin.

I made it for Finn. He was SO impressed. Just kidding. He’s never impressed by my mad skillz because he’s still young and naive and thinks I can do anything. But I’m pretty sure when he’s 20 he’ll find this baby in the garage, dust it off and be like, “Mom, you made this? You are AMAZING.”

The real star here is the lining, which is removable wallpaper from Livettes Kids. It was outrageously easy to apply and hides all of the book bin’s imperfections.

I chose Dalmatian wallpaper because it pretty much goes with anything.

Livettes Kids wallpaper is beautiful, and because  the quality s better than most removable wallpapers, it’s a dream to use. I had 9 panels to apply to the book bin and it took me less than 15 minutes. I placed one panel wrongly (Jules was kinda, sorta helping) and I just peeled it back and started over with no creases or rough spots.

For full directions on how to make the book bin, see my DIY BOOK BIN post!

I want to wallpaper a wall in the nursery and I’m thinking of putting wallpaper panels on the shelving in the lounge room.

For DIY Directions on see my DIY BOOK BIN post!