I’m not much of a product girl. I have started using a Clarisonic two to three times a week, but apart from that I don’t do a lot. But lately my skin looks tired. It needs something more than I am giving it. For me, the prospect of buying cosmetics is so overwhelming that I usually just buy a bunch of expensive products that the saleswoman suggests I use, and then let them expire at the back of my bathroom cabinet.

When I decided to do a post on skin care for women in their 30s and 40s, I knew who to interview. My gorgeous friend, makeup and skin care guru Kimberly Fisher Horan. I asked her everything I’ve always wanted to know about skin care and makeup.

For my post on skin care, Kimberly told me about her daily routine, the best dermatology treatments and tips for staying gorgeous on long haul flights. For my post on makeup, she told me what’s in her makeup bag, what she’s learned from celebrity stylists and the secret to smudge-free lipstick application.

The beauty of this collection of products is that Kimberly isn’t affiliated with any brand or company, so this is just great, unbiased advice from someone who knows her products. Enjoy.