You might remember a while back I went through a meal delivery phase. I wrote about my experience here. In theory I love the meal kit concept. Stop wasting food, spend less time shopping and spend more time with your family. But the one thing I couldn’t get past with every meal kit service I tried, was the quality of the produce and the condition it arrived in. Since that experience, I’ve been holding out for a better meal delivery service to come to the east coast.

This past week I tried Martha & Marley Spoon. AKA: The better meal delivery service.

In case you don’t know how a meal kit service works, it’s really easy.

Step 1: Browse new recipes each week and choose the meals that you and your family will love.
Step 2: Pick your preferred delivery day. Chilled boxes keep food fresh when you’re not home. You can skip any week that doesn’t work for you.
Step 3: Unpack your box and start cooking, using fresh, pre-measured ingredients and your easy to follow recipe cards.

Marley Spoon’ s meals all take around half an hour to prep and cook so you know exactly when to start cooking. When you are cooking for toddlers, keeping to a schedule is important. I need dinner to be ready for the boys at around 5:30. With Marley Spoon I start cooking at about 4:45, dinner is on the table at the same time every night.

What sets Marley Spoon apart from the four other services I’ve used, is the produce. It’s always fresh and seasonal and it’s packed to ensure excellent quality when it arrives. That’s everything to me.

What I like about a meal delivery service is that my family gets to eat fresh food, without having to think about timing, or about shopping. You have the perfect amount of food in your fridge for each meal and the instructions are all laid out for you on glossy cards with pictures. Everything is set out for you. It’s like reverting back to childhood, except that you’re allowed to use sharp knives.

What I don’t like about meal delivery services is the packaging. Some services are making improvements more quickly than others. While packaging is still a problem, when you consider the plastic and food that your household wastes each week, Martha & Marley Spoon actually does better than you’d think.

A comparison of the money spent to feed your family of the two grocery stores that my own family uses has Martha & Marley Spoon leading as the most cost effective option (and that doesn’t take into account the weekly food waste and time waste of shopping for your own groceries).


This week we cooked Smoky BBQ Chicken with spinach and cheese grits and Orecchiette and sausage with squash, rosemary and ricotta. Next week we’re cooking fried chicken sandwiches with root vegetable fries and smoked salmon-corn chowder with spinach.

*  This post was created in partnership with Martha & Marley Spoon, thank you for supporting the brands that support Les Petits Gazette.