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Follain August Campaign

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I wear black most of the time. I’ve been wearing black since I started dressing myself. My friends go bananas with compliments when I wear color. It’s their subtle way of telling me that I need to stop wearing black. I’ve been saying I’m working on it since my early twenties. (I’m not working on it).

Recently I discovered that I’ve been color coordinating my skin care products with my wardrobe. Nearly all of my favorite cosmetics and skin care products come in luxurious black glass bottles and jars. May Lindstrom, Vintner’s Daughter, Ursa Major…

Thankfully, just like my wardrobe, my skin care collection enjoys the occasional pop of color. “Tata Harper lime green” to be specific.

Follain August Campaign

Robbie texted me a photo of a very orange maple leaf last week. Then on Saturday the temperature on the south shore dipped down to 54 degrees. It felt like summer was officially over. And then today – 85 degrees again. All through Summer I wait for Autumn to roll around and then it does and I’m not ready. My skin is though. My skin is not a fan of summer.

Let me tell you about my entire skin care routine for summer going into autumn.

After a hot day like today, I love a good cleanse before my shower. I’ve been using May Lindstrom’s Clean Dirt, which fizzes with vitamin C and warming spices as you work it into a mousse. I’m really into mixing face potions in my adorable little pottery Masque Treatment Bowl lately. So decadent.

Summer with three little boys has taken it out of me. My skin has been really dull. I’m using Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask twice a week. It’s like a chemical peel, but without the chemicals. A little Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser after my shower helps brighten my skin. Apricot seed powder, clay and pomegranate enzymes accelerate natural cell turnover.

May Linstrom’s most coveted (and most expensive) product is The Blue Cocoon. It’s possibly the most luxurious thing you can put on your face. It’s the great calmer. Helichrysum soothes angry skin and blue tansy oil targets emotional well-being. Yes. Yes. Yes.

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Follain August Campaign