Prana Chai has been at the top of my “bring home from Australia” list for years. A while back I wrote to Prana in Melbourne and asked them if they would please, please, please come to the USA. Turns out they had found a distributor and they were already on their way.

In celebration of Prana now being available in North America, I’m teaming up with them to give you a chance to win a gift pack including:

  • 250g Prana Chai
  • A stainless steel stove top pot
  • A fine mesh strainer
  • A gorgeous Robert Gordon Chai Latte Hug Mug

Also, Les Petits Gazette readers get a 20% discount on the Prana Chai Masala Blend (250g Bag) by using the code “GAZETTE” at checkout.

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I was first introduced to Masala tea in Mumbai. There are street vendors all over India and most of them have a thermos or two of Masala tea. For a few rupees, they’ll give you a plastic or metal cup of warm spicy tea. It was by the cup that my romantic holiday fling with a warm beverage began.

When I got home to Australia I tried my own chai recipe, adding here and tweaking there, never able to recreate the magic. Then I had a cup of Prana Chai at a friend’s house and I stopped trying. They do things to the spices and they won’t share their secrets (selfish).

I had to buy it in Australia and bring it back to the USA so naturally it was like gold to me. I never offered it to people when they came over because I had to hoard it. Sadly, I became a selfish chai hoarder. Now that I can buy it whenever I want right here in the US, I want to tell everyone I know about it.

I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding for 3.8 out of the past five years. (Woah.) I’ve become obsessed with what I put into my body. I’ve learned to read labels and to understand what they mean. Prana is all natural. Not “approved by the FDA” natural – I mean actually, completely natural.

Prana Chai is almost a ritual for me. I put comfy pants on before I make it. One or more children has to be napping. I fire up the stove and my Chai time begins. I like to think I’m channeling some ancient spiritual guide for the 15 minutes it takes to drink it. Chai tea is a blend of black tea and warming spices like cinnamon, cardamom, clove and black pepper. Prana Chai is fresh (not dry), so it smells amazing before you even cook it. It’s sticky and perfectly sweet as is, or you can add honey or agave.

If you’ve never tried chai tea now is the time to experience a home made sweet, spicy chai latte. If you’re a seasoned chai drinker already, Prana Chai is going to knock your winter pom poms off. For a limited time, Les Petits Gazette readers will get a 20% discount on the Prana Chai Masala Blend (250g Bag) by using the code “GAZETTE” at checkout.

Also, enter my Instagram giveaway for the chance to win a starter pack with everything you need to make amazing chai at home (deets below!)


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2. Tag a friend in the comments on the giveaway post (enter as many times as you’d like)

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We’re celebrating Prana being available in North America. If you live in Canada, Mexico or the United States – you are welcome to enter!

Last entries December 18 at 9pm EST.