I told you a couple of weeks ago about the Schwinn Interval jogging stroller that we’ve been using. Today I want to tell you about the Safety 1st car seat that fits the Schwinn jogger to make them a travel system.

Schwinn, the bicycle experts, teamed up with Safety 1st, the safety experts, to create a travel system that is both a smooth ride and a safe one.

In a Safety 1st Air 360 car seat, babies have 360° protection in a crash. The seat padding is so plush and supportive and can be removed in stages as babies need less head and back support. I would have loved this car seat when my babes were all newborns. I always felt like their little bobble heads needed more support in those early weeks than our car seats gave them. I used rolled up muslin cloths for better head support when we brought each one of them home from hospital.

Schwinn Safety 1st travel system

I love having a travel system. The ability to transfer a sleeping baby from the car to the jogger or vice versa is a game changer. I used to take Finn with me to jog at the beach when we lived in California. I’d try to time it so that he was sleepy but not asleep when we got there so I could transfer him to the jogger and let him sleep while I ran. Then I had to wake him up to put him back in the car seat. Using the travel system, your baby stays safe and cozy in the car seat and the whole thing just clicks into the jogger.

With the Schwinn/Safety 1st combo, the transition from jogger to travel system couldn’t be easier. There’s no need to reconfigure the stroller – you don’t even need to remove the baby’s tray. Just snap the car seat onto the stroller and go.

Schwinn Safety 1st travel system

I wrote about the Schwinn Interval Jogger back in March. You can read about it here, but in my review I said:

“My first and lasting impression is that the Schwinn jogger is a super smooth ride. It feels sturdy and it’s the perfect height. Everything is in the right place, from an adjustable handle that gives you the perfect push angle, to the mom and baby trays. It has a lockable swivel wheel for an easy transition from jogging to strolling. It also folds easily and fits into Rob’s trunk and mine.”

Now that I’ve had the jogger for a few weeks and the weather has been perfect for jogging, I’ve tried it out with the car seat. It’s so comfortable for Jules and for me. I’m really enjoying the smoothness. I own a luxury brand jogger and I’m going to say that this jogger is smoother and more sturdy. Plus, being able to make it a travel system makes it a better option for us.

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  1. Jon January 19, 2018 at 3:09 pm - Reply

    I want to get that exact set up. The interval is already on our registry, however, when I look up the airmax 360 it’s shows a huge 4-in-1 that has cup holders; not the one in your pictures. What looks closest to your pictures is the 35 infant air from safety 1st. Can you please verify that it’s the airmax 360 indeed before I drop a good bit of cash on the wrong seat

    • Helen January 20, 2018 at 9:57 am - Reply

      Hi Jon, you’re absolutely right! This is the Safety 1st “Onboard Air 360” Infant Car Seat. I linked to the wrong product! The link I gave in the original post was for the “UltraMax Air 360” (also from Safety first), which is a different seat for bigger kids. So sorry about that. I can vouch for the infant car seat only.

      And just to clarify – it’s a Schwinn stroller with a Safety 1st car seat. Hope that helps!

      (I’ve updated the link in the post)


  2. Hannah R April 9, 2017 at 11:17 pm - Reply

    How great is that? I hate having to take my son out of the car when he is asleep. As soon as I touch him, he’s awake – 5 minutes or 1/2 hour after he fell asleep. Once he’s awake, that’s it.

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