I usually invest in high end baby gear, not because I care what the ladies at the park think of me, but because good quality gear lasts, and because when I’m done, I can pass it down or sell it. High end baby brands have a 60% to 80%  resale value on sites like recrib. But every now and then you can find quality baby gear that’s also great value right off the bat.

The Schwinn Interval jogging stroller is one of those cases. Schwinn (the bike makers) used their 100 years of cycling experience to make a jogging stroller with bicycle tires that grip the road, performance shocks to make the ride smooth and polished wheel ball bearings to reduce rolling resistance.

I’ve been feeling tired and sluggish all winter. The last couple of weeks we’ve been having 50° days and it’s been perfect jogging weather but I wasn’t feeling ready to get back into exercising. Then it dipped back down to 14° on the weekend and I decided to go for a jog. Logical right? I wanted to take my Interval Jogger for a spin. I bundled up Jules, took a thermos of coffee and hit the road. It was uncomfortably cold but Jules was in heaven.

My first and lasting impression is that the Schwinn jogger is a super smooth ride. It feels sturdy and it’s the perfect height.Everything is in the right place, from an adjustable handle that gives you the perfect push angle, to the mom and baby trays. It has a lockable swivel wheel for an easy transition from jogging to strolling. It also folds easily and fits into Rob’s trunk and mine.

If you live in or around Boston, you can win a Schwinn Interval jogging stroller of your own. My friends at Mommybites Boston are hosting their Ultimate Moms’ Night Out next Thursday, March 16 at Arts at the Armory in Somerville and they will be raffling one off at the event! Their event last year was a huge success and 2017 is set to be just as good. There will be live comedy, mini spa services, wine, beer, mocktails and snacks. It’s a great way to meet local Boston moms and everyone who attends will go home with a gift bag.

For more information and to register, go to Mommybites Boston’s Ultimate Moms’ Night Out page.