The sun will rise and set regardless. What we choose to do with the light while it’s here is up to us. Journey wisely.  – Alexandra Elle

We all know the feeling of sleep deprivation, midnight feedings, “just one more book”, sticky fingers and unforeseen frustration that can entangle us in the fast and furious state of motherhood. We’ve read all the right books and picked out the perfect baby clothes as we prepare for our first baby. Excitement, happiness, anxiousness, expectations and fear are all part of the process. But no one can prepare us for how fast the days will go by.

I remember the sleepless nights, the worry of never feeling “normal” again. I remember feeling like I had to have it all together. Somehow I managed to forget that the most important thing was tucked up cozily on my chest. This breathing, living, soft, beautiful baby was mine and forever marking me as a mother.

I often wonder how many times I’ve taken for granted giving my baby a fresh bath, brushing her white hair, feeding her applesauce and baking a sweet treat together. These moments are ever present when raising little ones, but if we truly think about it, we might ask “when will it be the last time?” We can’t brush their hair forever, hold them in the rocking chair or sing “twinkle, twinkle little star” for the fourth time before bed. But we can treasure and appreciate the very hard and rewarding season of life we are in now. These are some of the most precious, downright exhausting, and joyful times.

We have been given a beautiful role in motherhood; one that can never be taken away. We are our children’s comfort, warm hand to hold and gentle voice encouraging their abilities. It is you “Momma” that soothes and comforts that tiny body. It is that tiny body that awakens our hearts to feel and roar like never before; to give words to the poem we’ve dreamed of writing our whole lives. It is love that sets us free, picks us up out of our deep slumber and kisses our tired eyelids with new purpose for each new day we are given.

But when these moments become our ‘lasts’, hold tight to memories that last a lifetime. Be present in your child’s life. Enjoy the extra cuddles in the middle of the night. Laugh at the milk spilled on the kitchen floor and give them a rag to wash it up instead of disapproving of yet another spill. Look deep into their eyes and listen to their every word. They have important things to say and ask if only we would listen. The big words and the little words.

For one day they will not remember if your house was neatly clean but they will remember that they felt heard and seen by you. They will remember that the tiny moments weren’t swallowed up in guilt, but enjoyed with every part of our being. Hold tight to what you’ve been given. This is a living, breathing, little human being. One that will grow old someday, have their own thoughts and vision for life, and always have a place they belong.

Inside the heart of a mother is one who has known defeat, exhaustion, frustration, teary eyes and failure. Also inside the heart of a mother is one who has known the greatest joy imaginable. Soft, wet kisses, warm cuddly hugs, rhythms of unconditional love and grace like we’ve never known. The strength of a mighty fortress.

Hey Momma… These are some of the best days of our life right in front of us.


Sophia Johnson is a wife and mother to two sweet daughters, Beatrice Eleanor and Elouise Lucille. Join Sophia in her journey of cultivating motherhood through a hands free/ gentle parenting approach, which aims to inspire deep growth, honesty, vulnerability and a sense of community in our ever changing days as mothers. She writes about the hardships, joys and fun of being a mother and about what her daughters are teaching her about herself along the way. Follow Sophia on Instagram.