Jord wood watch zebrawood and dark sandalwood giveaway

I love winter. I know I say it every year and I know it’s probably starting to sound like I’m trying to convince myself, but it’s the truth. I love the snow when it’s big and clumpy and blanket-y, I love having a fireplace and actually using it and I love over-dressing. Robbie does not. He should, given his lack of melanin but he prefers the weather in Cali. That’s why he moved there, from here, in the first place.

But I do love Robbie in winter clothes. Guys just look good in layers. This week I added another little layer to his wardrobe. A JORD wood watch. It’s the Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood watch from the CONWAY series. How gorgeous is this watch? And here I was thinking wood watches were only for hipsters – I feel like this  one was made for Robbie. He looks so natural wearing a wood watch. Natural and rustic. Woodsman-ish almost. Or is that the beanie…

The watch came in a wooden box with vents and a humidifying pouch. It’s like a humidor for your watch. It also came with an adjustment kit and a cleaning cloth and a little finishing oil pen. It’s even nicer in real life than in the pictures. It’s beautifully detailed and has a really nice weight to it.

I’ve always fancied men’s watches on girls. Plus, a women’s watch usually looks silly on me (I’m at peace with my man hands).  So when JORD sent a men’s watch, I tried it on before I gave it to Robbie. Just for kicks. I don’t want to blow my own horn, but it looks good on me. It just does. So now it’s the Boyfriend Watch. He can keep it but I might borrow it for trips to the Berkshires.


If you are looking at Robbie’s watch and thinking you need a wood watch right this second, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that JORD is giving Les Petits Gazette readers the chance to win $100 toward their own wood watch. If you enter but don’t win, you will still receive a $25 gift code at the end of the contest. The bad news is that you won’t get your watch right this second. You’ll have to wait until the contest closes on 2/5 at 11:59pm.

Just click on this link to enter: JORD + LPG Giveaway

jord wood watch 2017

Robbie’s watch: CONWAY series Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood. Also shop JORD’s other men’s watches, or women’s watches.

Jord wood watch zebrawood and dark sandalwood giveaway
Jord wood watch zebrawood and dark sandalwood giveaway
Jord wood watch zebrawood and dark sandalwood giveaway

* This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. As always, opinions are my own.




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