TODAY IS UNESCO’S WORLD BOOK DAY! Let’s hear it for books!

Children’s Book Week is celebrated across the US from May 1 to 7. I’ll be posting about all of our favorite children’s book (the ones on Finn’s bookshelves) and I have a couple of book related surprises for you too.

We’ve been reading Finn’s Kingdom of You from Lost My Name which is completely personalized around his favorite things.

When I was a kid, book personalization was just starting out. The book was printed, then your name was typed over a gap in the sentence. By today’s standards it was totally lame but in 1982 it was everything. A bit like how the original Godzilla movie seemed so legit back in the 50s. Print technology has come a long way and Lost My Name is like the CGI of children’s books.

We have the original The Boy Who Lost His Name books for all the boys. Even though the story follows a similar adventure (to find their lost name), each boy meets different animals and magical creatures along the way.

Kingdom Of You is personalized in different ways, not just around their name. When we first read it to him, Finn loved that the boy in the story looked just like him and that his name was on so many things throughout the story. It’s so fun to see his eyes light up every time he sees his name on another sign or flag or building.

Also in the Kingdom of Finn, are his favorite things. He’s always been interested in the weird and wonderful animals and his obsession with ice-cream has been well documented. Animals and ice-cream feature heavily in the book and he knows they were put there especially for him.

Creating Finn’s personalized book took less than 5 minutes. The Kingdom of You website couldn’t be easier to navigate. First you choose your child’s gender, then hair and skin color, their name, their biggest obsession and their favorite food. These wishes will become their kingdom!

* This post was written in partnership with Lost My Name and their new book, Kingdom Of Me.