weaving with maryanne moodie

My blog post San Francisco Guide for Guilty Mamas tried to justify my decision to abandon my husband and children for 48 hours of debauchery with a bunch of girls from Cali. That post kind of highlighted the negatives. It’s true, I did develop a plugged milk duct (as well as a hole in my heart the size of New England because I was away from my babies) but my San Francisco trip definitely wasn’t all feelings of guilt and sore boobs.

The highlight of the trip was weaving with Maryanne Moodie at Makeshift Society. If you are interested in fiber art I recommend getting to one of her classes or checking out her website. She lives in Brooklyn and most of her classes are on the east coast. She happened to be in San Francisco the weekend I was there visiting friends. It was fate.

weaving with maryanne moodie

So I get there just in time for the class to start and inside there are 30 or so gorgeous hipster women, waiting patiently and snacking on pastries brought in from a local bakery. I don’t have time to grab one for myself. I’m a little devastated.

Maryanne introduces herself and starts talking weaving. I spend the first 20 minutes of instructions thinking about pastries. Luckily the girl next to me has it down so she guides me through the first couple of techniques. From then on I get it, and it’s a little embarrassing to realize how much fun I’m having weaving. It’s almost as if I never get out. Oh, that’s right I’m a mother of a toddler and a baby.

About half way through the class, I look around the room. We are doing what cool nerdy women do. You know, listening to Band of Horses, talking about Isabel Marant ankle boots, and weaving. For about two hours, I don’t feel like the scruffy, frumpish mother of a newborn with possible early stage mastitis that I actually am. And that’s exactly what I needed.

weaving with maryanne moodie

Maryanne takes beginners weaving classes outside of Brooklyn occasionally and you can get a place in her classes if you book early. Weaving with Maryanne Moodie is a special experience, but if you can’t get to a class she also sells her weaving starter kits on Etsy.


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