My partnership with Follain goes so much deeper than my love of beauty products. I believe in this brand wholeheartedly and I believe that no one should have to compromise their health for beauty.

When I first started writing posts for Follain I did my own research into our highly unregulated beauty industry. In learning about the benefits of clean beauty products, I was shocked that mainstream products are allowed to be branded as safe and natural, even though they contain toxins and chemicals that are known to be harmful to consumers.

The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, which regulates the beauty product industry, was passed in 1938. For the past 80 years, not a lot has changed, despite massive change in the making and selling of beauty products. As it stands, the FDA has less than a dozen pages of instructions on how to regulate the industry.¹ Companies are not required to disclose the amounts of each ingredient in their products and the FDA can’t even recall products that contain ingredients that are proven to harm people.²

So that’s why I work with Follain. I want to tell you about the alternatives that I’ve actually used on my own skin and my children’s skin. The products curated by Follain work as well, and in many cases better than mainstream products. I wouldn’t keep talking about them if they didn’t.

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2. The Consumerist, August 15, 2016 The FDA Doesn’t Actually Have The Power To Recall Cosmetics That Harm People By Laura Northrup